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Default Re: Interesting TED Talks

Originally Posted by here today View Post

I'm not sure you want to hear this, in which case I'm sorry if it not's something that you want to read, either. But what came up for me is a different kind of trauma, a different kind of white elephant -- and how angry I am at how led down the garden path of delusion that I have been by therapy and therapists over many years.

Yes, I was vulnerable to that because of how numbed out I had learned to be in the family of origin -- identifying, following, and meeting expectations because Ė that was the way to be.

Thatís what ďtherapyĒ was supposed to find and help with, right? Theoretically. And I lived by theory and expectations, aspects of life that my cognition could take control of. So much of what Kirsten Johnson had to say about how trauma victims stay silent Ė thatís true of trauma and mistreatment in therapy as well, in my experience.

Itís taken practically my whole life to find this out Ė and there is no recognition anywhere in the society of a need for any help, "professional" or otherwise, for me or people like me who have been mistreated in therapy and very confused by it. No recognition that we exist. No recognition that there is any trauma, or mistreatment -- just more stuff that's "my fault".

But for me to speak out. Yes, that does help a little. Pretty late for me, but itís not over till itís over.
i haven't had an opportunity yet to watch this, but thanks for speaking up and saying this
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