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Default Re: Interesting TED Talks

Originally Posted by TrailRunner14 View Post
I’ve become quite the TED addict since someone posted the video of Brene Brown’s Anatomy of Trust utube video.

There is another thread for interesting psychotherapy articles. I wondered if a place to share TED Talk videos would be welcomed.

I listened to this one a couple of days ago, for the first time, and have replayed it several times.

I wanted to share it somewhere.

There are several things here that are my story. I never understood the power in telling my story and the healing that happens in the process.


I took the video off. I didn’t want it to hurt someone who wasn’t in a place to see or hear it.

It was “The Secret That Almost Killed Me” by Kirsten Johnson.

It’s really good, if you are in the right place to hear it.

Please add videos that you would like to share.

I think there is great information here.
Thank you for sharing that. It was a great talk, I so hope to be in that place where I can freely talk and begin to recover one day!

A Ted Talk that really motivated me to think about reaching out for help was ‘How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime’
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