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Originally Posted by here today View Post
Here's a TED talk on anger that I found interesting. Not one by a psychologist, but by a professor of management:


Nuland's talk was also very interesting.

Oooooh, I relate so much to this! What he talks about is exactly many of my own experiences and life lessons. Also similar to what I'd learned from my father early in life - indirectly and pretty unconsciously back in my childhood, he was very much in-touch with his anger and sometimes overdid it, but mostly used it constructively to his goals. Then, when that sober mentor came along (after my using many wrong ways to manage my emotions for a decade at least), it just clicked immediately and was very easy for me to pick up and integrate it into my own personality/life strategies. Kinda natural. I love riding that current of irritation and anger even in small things like my busy city, when I need to commute to work in the mornings. I sometimes still suffer from depressive spells and lack of motivation, which can make it hard to get my day started. But when I do, when I get out, I most often need to go through a very irritating, hectic, anger-provoking environment, in order to get to work. Often even half-way through my commute, or by the time I arrive, I am awakened and charged with all that discomfort and irritation the commute caused. Then I get to my peaceful office and can start dealing with my day constructively. I also use my anger in leadership similarly to the speaker. And there is a lot more...

Nuland, from that video and from his books that I read, always seemed one of those "mental twins" for me (not the "bad at tech" part though). That's why I like his style, humor, topics of his interest, thoroughness, knowledge, general life experience, and motivation to go out and speak to the public about it all. I was actually planning to contact him personally. Unfortunately, he died shortly after I got sober and advanced with my own ordeals (which also included anxiety, depression and obsessiveness). I read his books and think that he would have fit perfectly in my particular constructive chain of choosing men and transference. I still imagine he and I could probably have been good friends at least for a while. Of course it is now just a fantasy I also like this talk by him, about hope and the respect for everyone's experience and going beyond ourselves. The kind of spirituality that I relate to: Sherwin Nuland: The extraordinary power of ordinary people | TED Talk
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