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Default Re: What kind of ADHD is this?

Hey there.

I have no medical experience so I don't really have a clue what type ADHD you'd have. My own ADHD knowledge is dated by almost a decade from when I was first diagnosed at 20. I'm here on this site (and seeking help professionally also) as I'm trying to learn and deal with anxiety and other issues I hadn't addressed for myself throughout my twenties.

Recently I've been very shocked to realise a lot of things that trigger my generalised anxiety (social anxiety especially) is my ADHD impulses, and things that halt my everyday progress to "functioning normally 9-5 stuff" is my inability to organise and focus consistently (shocking procrastination and guilt until I want to do it, then over-do it when I finally do). I felt I could relate a lot to what you were saying, except the intelligent and educated part (can't focus enough to get through uni).

I have similar problems with saving things, leaving tabs open, numerous external drives saved with junk from 15 years ago (I don't consider myself to be a hoarder but I'm very sentimental). For myself in those situations I saved what I 100% treasured and could account for without searching for a day (my reasoning because the stuff you love you generally remember location or something at least) and bite the bullet and trash what else I could before my thoughts got too deep. It was both a great feeling of loss and also one of a load off the shoulders... but what to do after that as to not accumulate more junk (halfarsed memories) may be how you use your electronic devices? (I still have a lot of beloved junk around still). Is closing the tab, and reloading it again when needed an option? Instead of having it there, or bookmarking it?

Finally you sound highly functioning but unsatisfied with your situation, is it because it's not the status quo of holding down a job, or are you just tired of it all in a sense? Is there something wrong with constantly changing jobs?Perhaps there are jobs that incorporate change you could look into as a changing constant? It sounds interesting to me (not my own bs but the different trades you have been employed in).

Where do you start? I think you've already started! Keep asking questions you feel are important to yourself and trying to be objective. Seek out specialists if possible and keep an open mind. Don't beat yourself up where things are out of your control or ability (abilities can change, just because you can do something one day doesn't mean you can the next and vice versa).

Sorry for the mass of rambling and questions. Some of these questions are open ones that have been on my mind, please don't read too deeply into this as I am just typing my thoughts as food for more thought. If any of this can be used as advice I'd be surprised but happy Thanks for your post!
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