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Default Re: Finally seeing it for what it is

Originally Posted by BDPpartner View Post
My partner has physical and mental health illnesses and I have ignored a lot because of that a good example would be something like..... I put a dirty cup in the sink instead of by the sink he hits the roof is angry as hell will start shouting at me telling me all the things that I do wrong and have ever done wrong in his opinion. He'll often start calling me names and insulting me and twists things to make me feel that he is my victim. Things can continue like this for several hours and at times I have literally been on the floor crying my eyes out with him stood over me continuing his angry ranting. He'll also wake me up to be able to shout at me, tells me to get out of his site or his house etc but has this way of twisting things so I have to apologize to him.

His latest is telling me I am controlling, have taken away his life skills and that I plot behind his back with my mother.

But I am beginning to see that I don't deserve to be treated this way
This is clearly abuse. No matter what mental illness diagnosis that your partner has, itís not an excuse to treat you like this. Playing a victim, trying to make us feel guilty for their faults, is a common tactic used by abusers to keep their victims under their control. Those bad things he accused you for doing are the reflections of bad things that he actually is doing to you. I suggest to read more about psychological abuse so youíll be more aware of your situation. Here are some links that I found :

Domestic Violence and Abuse: Recognizing the Signs of an Abusive Relationship and Getting Help

21 Warning Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Signs of an abusive relationship | Abuse and violence | ReachOut Australia

You are right, you donít deserve to be treated that way. No one deserves to be treated that way. Hope youíll get out of this situation soon
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