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Default Re: I think I may be a Vulnerable Narcissist

Sounds positive.

I'm still working at things, from the other side of the street, mostly. But I know the "N" side, too.

I came across this tonight -- nothing to do with this forum, just my continuing struggles.


"Self-love deficit disorder" -- and doesn't the guy look, in the video, like an "N"? All the bragging, etc.? His stuff does seem to have some merit, anyway, to me. But he's mostly still on the "All narcs are bad" train, too, ironically, if you see some of his other videos.

Gee golly whiz, "can't we all just get along"? If anybody remembers that phrase. Find our ways to the center? Which is so blankety hard for me still.

Glad in all the eye opening that you have the blessing, as well as the curse (I've certainly got mine, too), and that you could post your recent comment on the other thread. No self-love deficit disorder there!
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