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Default Frantic emotional eating


Iím new here, I thought Iíd give this a try.
Iíve been struggling with compulsive eating for a year now, however I have IBS and a past of SIBO so I get a lot of chronic pain and fatigue from any overeating.

Iím seeing a psychologist every 3 weeks but if anything the overeating has worsened. Iím gaining weight and feel incredibly stressed, yet Iím addicted to eating. I used to have PICA as a child and I recently overcame that.

*possible trigger* Part of this was bought on by my grandmother, who couldnít deal with me feeling sad and would just keep feeding me instead. I used to stay with her a lot as my parents were away for work. I was also bullied throughout school which contributed to this, but I feel at peace with that now.

However I still physically canít stop the overeating. Iíve always been a healthy eater overall, we make food at home from scratch and eat mostly vegetables, whole grains, soy products, fruits and starchy vegetables. Since the overeating began Iíve found myself eating vast quantities of peanut butter (although Iím allergic), oats, homemade cereal, nuts, maple syrup, soy milk, wheat products (Iím intolerant to) and sometimes raw sugar. I donít enjoy these things I just feel addicted to them and crave them, despite feeling so sick afterwards.

Iíve never been overweight, my bmi has ranged from 17 to 20. But Iím gaining weight and I feel terrible. Does anyone have any similar experiences? How do you cope? What helps you stop?

Love and light to you all x
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