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Default Re: ADD returning?

Damn... I wish I could get meds. But my family is poor and I haven't even tried to get meds, them supporting my education is already too much. I sometimes can't even get myself to do the things I love because of it. I'm a very positive and optimistic person (apart from the whole "burdening my family" concerns) and have many talents, but when it comes to achieving something with them I can't get myself to focus and do the work properly. And it's not like I'm not strong: I've cured myself from agoraphobia, extreme social anxiety, bullying traumas and decade-long maladaptive daydreaming armed with nothing but stubbornness and google. But ADD has proved even more stubborn. I'm broke, disorganized, and confused, and don't know where to start from to fix my life...
I'm open to any thoughts on how to start improving my life, really. Can't get worse at this point!!!
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