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Originally Posted by Quanticia View Post
Damn... I wish I could get meds. But my family is poor and I haven't even tried to get meds, them supporting my education is already too much. I sometimes can't even get myself to do the things I love because of it.
I feel you there about medication. I've been seeing free psychologists (I live in Australia where I luckily have access to great services) and at the expense of sounding like I'm ungrateful that by itself isn't enough. I feel like I've improved a lot but there are still fundamental problems with my motivation and disorganisation that I can't seem to change. I'm hoping with work I will be able to afford psychiatry services (who can medicate) because I can't see any other option to get a handle on this as I keep going round in circles. Now to finish my statement a bit contradictory, I'm worried even with medication I am me and these problems also make up who I am and that I doubt medication could even fix it.

Now if you haven't caught on I'm a bit lost with my own problems so my advice isn't worth much, but here it is anyways
My first advice is seek help, perhaps free online professionals? I don't know how reliable these services are but if you're desperate it may be worth a shot. I haven't tried myself so I can't recommend anywhere but you never know where constructive help will come from if your open minded.
It sounds like you have experience in dealing with a range of different mental illness. Do you remember any of the treatments you used other than stubborness that may help you now like relaxation techniques?
With diet have you tried exercise? I can't seem to curb my bad eating habits but I began exercising a year ago and (once getting over the intitial muscle ache lol) found that has probably been the most effective at helping my focussing problems.
As I said I know jack so I'm conflicted in saying this as I don't know you personally so it could be a detrimental thought; maybe don't look too far into the future. I take things at most a week ahead (probably because of ADHD) but maybe because I get anxious and think well ahead I've found that accepting I don't like planning too much and only focusing on the few days ahead, pushing myself where I can and giving myself time to run off and do something random when needed has been positive on my mentality to the point it has lifted the fog on my doing things I really want to. I can now (most of the time) deal with having plans now months ahead without getting overwhelmed (it took me a long time to build back up after drug addiction and avoidance). That was very long winded and I'm not sure if this is applicable to studies and working for you but my point is accepting that I do certain things, not saying it's good or bad, has changed how I've decided to approach the problem as far as what solutions are viable for me and not getting so frustrated and angry at myself.
Sorry for talking so much about myself I love to rant
Try to keep in mind even if it feels like you can't bear things anymore you never know what's around the corner (cliche but well it's true) Hope this helps in any way mate
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