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Confused who at the school is contacted during a CPS case?

Due to an email sent to a person I thought I could trust, last month I got both a psych trip to the ER via the police and a CPS case opened against me dealing with my 5th grade daughter (almost 11 years old).

The CPS case was closed 3-4 weeks later as "ruled out", i.e., no evidence against me.

I realize this may vary state to state, but any answer is appreciated,.

I am now anxious & embarrassed at being seen by the adults the CPS may have contacted at my daughter's elementary school. It is not a huge school, and my daughter has been attending there since kindergarten. Some of her teachers have moved on, but many have not. The principal has been there since she was in kindergarten and makes it a point to learn every child be first name. Since my daughter is now in the 5th grade, you can bet the principal knows her. The counselor has been there 3 years, and I think spoke to her regarding an emergency I had last Feb. 14, needing an ambulance, emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer (not having to do with my ED and symptomless so I had no idea I even had an ulcer - it was a bacterial infection combined with NSAID use), 6 days in the hospital, a 6 week long recovery at home. If that thing hadn't been taken care of ASAP, the likely outcome would have been death, and my daughter (in 4th grade then, a GT student since kindergarten, definitely knows this).

So many school-related events are coming up and for the last time being it is my daughter's last year of elementary school. The principal is a huge workaholic who makes it a point to learn each child in the school by first name and is present and visible at every event. There is a fall festival coming up Oct. 21, a parent-invite to a Thanksgiving lunch feast. Since my daughter is in a dual language program, she will be dancing to a song from a Spanish-speaking country or territory (in the case of Puerto Rico) for Latin Heritage Month (parents are always invited to attend a morning dance before it is put on in front of the school). There is breakfast with mom, student of the month, spelling bee (my daughter made it to the school level 3rd & 4th grade, so I have good reason to believe she will advance to school level this year, and parents are invited to the school level spelling bee), competitions (my daughter always competes in a mental math competition), breakfast with Mom, a book fair (my daughter prefers to go the day it is open late with me, actually 2 book fairs over the year), the homeroom mom constantly asking for volunteers, the PTO pleading I attend (but so the principal, the counselor if an upcoming event involves her, a teacher my daughter may have had attend all the PTO meetings), a sweets with Santa Christmas school event, which my daughter loves as it is close to her December birthday, 5th grade graduation, introduction events to the 6th grade school (well, that is a bigger school, combining all elementary schools district wide, might be OK), the 5th grade program put on by the music teacher, choir events my daughter will sing at, no end of events parents are invited to.

Who does the CPS caseworker talk to at the school? I already know she talked to my 2 sisters & brothers-in-law; they told me. She talked to my pdoc and my T; they told me when I asked. Who is talked to at the school and might know? I am thinking surely the counselor & principal, but what about her 2 main teachers this year? What about teachers from previous years? One of her teachers from last year is gone, but she had the other teacher both in 2nd grade & in 4th grade. Do they go back to kindergarten with the teachers she's had who are still at the school? What about the specials teachers like PE coaches, the music teacher, the computer teacher, who have not changed since she was in kindergarten? What about the librarian who, before becoming librarian did sight word testing in kindergarten & first grade for my daughter's classes? Who in the PTO could know? I wanted to be more involved in the PTO this year, but am so self-conscious with the principal and possibly counselor in attendance as well as a teacher my daughter may or could have had.

I am now anxious and paranoid to do anything involving my daughters' school. The very idea that I could have abused her is laughable. H & I have been as easy as her on possible, though obviously, I cannot always conceal my mental disorders, most especially when I am depressed, panicked, or exercising too much.

OMG, how do I get through this school year?
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