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Default Re: a nice story for the littles

I wrote something especially for this thread. I hope you like it

why the sea is salty
once apon a time, their lived a little girl called jessica.

today she was at the beach with her mother, her father, and her brother james

well james was playing in the sand, mother and father were relaxing, and jessica was walking up and down the beach.

suddenly, she tripped over something and fell. she reached her hand behind her to see what had fallen, and discovered it was a magic lamp.

but this wasn't any magic lamp. written on the side was the instructions to just wish for what you wanted, and it would come true.

so jessica wished for some fries (as she hadn't eaten in a while), and before she knew it, she had a plate of fries next to her.

she wanted some salt on her fries, so she said to the lamp, " I wish I had salt on my fries".

a tiny pinch of salt fell from the lamp on to the fries

" that's not enough,"jessica said, " I need more."

so she started wishing to the lamp, more, more, more. but each time the lamp only produced a little salt

frustrated, she shouted at the lamp, " salt, lots of it!"

and with that, the salt from the lamp came out strong. it fell on the sand, it fell on the fries it fell on jessica.

" okay that's enough!" she shouted, as she realised that the fries she was holding were litirally being covered with salt. " stop, stop, stop"

but the lamp didn't stop. salt continued to pour out the lamp.

jessica stood up and grabbed the lampp and started up the beach.

" I'll break this lamp," she thought, " then the salt will stop"

as she moved up the beach, salt continued to fall from the lamp. it fell on empty chairs, it fell on people relaxing, it fell on little children's heads

" sorry," jessica kept saying. " sorry for the salt"

when she got to the edge of the sea, she lifted her arm over her head and tossed the lammp far in to the water.

she heard it splash, but as she tgurned to walk away, she noticed that the salt from the lamp was covering the water

the sea, previously calm and blue, was turning in to a salt mine.

when jessica got back to her family she explained what had happened

" nonsense" said mum.

" a magic lamp?" said dad

" what planet are you even on," said james

but if you're ever down at the beach and you happen to swim in the sea, or taste the salt, we know where it comes from, don't we?

and legend has it that somewhere, right at the bottom of the sea, lies the magic lamp that is still spilling the salt to this day.
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