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Default Heart broken by my upcoming last session

Later this Wednesday, I have my last session with my therapist. I feel a lot of pain because of it. I feel a lot of sadness and sorrow about our time ending. I have not been sleeping that well as I think about her extensively. I think about her daily and in every hour. I have told her how hurt I feel because our time is about to end and how much I am going to miss her. I just did not tell her how much I love her. I talked to my therapist about transference before but I did not elaborate more on my romantic feelings. I did not tell her how I much love her. Every time we talked about why I feel saddened about our time ending, I just think to myself "you don't know how much I love you."

My therapist means the world to me. She has a special place in my heart. My therapist has inspired me so much when it comes to improving my well being. She has been highly influential in my life. That makes me love her. I also find her to be exceeding beautiful in the outside and even more in the inside. Combine that with the fact that she dresses so elegantly, in my eyes, my therapist is a glamorous woman. My experience working with her has been very meaningful. It is the best relationship that I have ever cultivated. She is the person that I love the most in my life. I am grateful that she has referred to see another therapist so I can process this sad occasion and my romantic feelings towards her. These loving secrets that I carry are very heavy and I am glad I will have someone to tell these thoughts. The thought of saying goodbye is excruatingly painful because I love her.

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