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Here is my story. Last January I started a really great meal/exercise program. In June, my husband got DUI and totally rocked our entire relationship. Since then, I haven't been right. I have been up and down eating right then not...exercising for a while, then not. But lately, I feel like it has gotten worse. I really want to eat well and exercise so I can lose weight. Lately I find myself binging on my kid's snacks, etc. when I get home from work (I am a teacher) and at night when I am alone (which is very often). I need advice from someone who has this "binge disorder" to help me begin the steps needed to break this habit. When I think "this is the day" it ends up being drowned in a giant cookie. I hate myself for it because I worked so hard and I want it so bad but I have never felt more out of control. I am a controlling person and ocd and a planner...always organized. But when I am binge eating, I go for one oatmeal cream pie and then I realize I just ate half the box. I am seriously hurting and need a friend and/or someone to tell me how to break out of this.
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