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Default Re: Help with hoarding

[QUOTE=hvert;6307809]A family member passed away a few months ago and I had to clean out his hoard. Some of what I found was pretty incredible. I have taken truckloads to the dump, recycling center, charities, given away a lot - and still wound up with a room full of stuff in my house. At first it was packed in so tightly I couldn't even get in. I have made a lot of progress and now mostly just have boxes lining the walls, but it feels slow. I had a hard time throwing out his socks the other day.

Anyway, since having to deal with all of his stuff, I have been more likely to throw out my own stuff. I read that the Swedish Death Cleaning method tells you to ask yourself 'does this object have meaning to anyone but me?' I have found that helpful as I sort through things.[/QUOTE

My sister is a hoarder and she is worse than me. Everything has meaning to me which make it harder for me.
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