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Default (C)PTSD and Psychosis

Okay, so I guess that I'm back to wondering if I really do have Schizoaffective and if the Latuda is helping me lol.

Side note: Am I the only one who goes through a roller coaster of emotions dealing with their mental health journey. One day I get it and accept it (like hey mental health matters I've had some struggles but it's okay)...but give it time, and I'm wondering if I just need to get over it and there's nothing wrong. Oy.

Anyway, I agree with PTSD (Cptsd being most accurate). However, I'm still unsure about my Schizoaffective diagnosis. I understand that the disorders could run together (and that perhaps the Latuda is helping to keep a lot of the symptoms at bay).

But, isn't it true that psychosis can be caused by the PTSD? I'm just curious. I guess it doesn't matter either way about my meds if it's helping to keep the symptoms away. But I was just wondering. Thanks.
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