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Originally Posted by HD7970GHZ View Post
Hi everyone,

I am really struggling with University! I am over thirty years old and I am surrounded by youngsters who seem to so easily manage. I breaks my heart knowing that I am not an A student nor will I ever be.

I am having a really hard time with projects. It takes me FOREVER to write and bring ideas to fruition. I seem to spend so much time on the projects and nothing seems to get done. I am trying not to be so hard on myself but I am truly struggling.

On top of all this I have my PTSD and trauma stuff in the background, low self-esteem, social anxiety and so much more.

How am I supposed to do this? Is this a normal stage of growth in University? I have quite post-secondary in the past and I don't plan to quite now, but this is really hard!

I understand completely. University is so difficult when you suffer from mental illness.

I would try and get all the support you can, my university had a counselling service. If yours does it could be something you could look into trying? I found it quite nice to have someone to talk to and to get support from. For the work side of things, seek support from tutors etc? Do you have a tutor who you are assigned to? I always used to go and see mine and she was lovely and great at helping me when I was struggling with any aspect of the work. They may have some good tips for you.

I think it's so important to look after yourself at uni as there's so much pressure to compare yourself, so above all, take regular breaks. Give yourself plenty of time to do an assignment so you can take time away from it to clear your head. My best ideas always came to me when I had a break from the work!

Hope that helps!
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