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Default Re: Attachment with friends

My attachment issues are a two way street, however it seems ppl become a lot more attached to me than me to them. I recently met a transgender man who was drawn to me like a moth to flame. I only knew them for a few hours when they asked me to send a friend request on fb. This person is lovely and although by nature I like being left in my own head space especially at work, this person insists they bring me out of my head by constantly talking to me and wanting to hang out after work. I tried getting together with them so I can put that to bed so i can go awhile without having to make together plans. I'm grateful for knowing this person although it seems they want to form a fast personal connection with someone who isnt v social or outgoing. My whole has been this way, ppl thinking we are bff without knowing much about me.

I do attach myself to some ppl, mostly ppl who most wouldn't. I usually fall hard for a certain type of person and end up with regrets. I can easily detach from Ppl though I'm quite skilled at controlling my emotions or suppressing them altogether. Detaching from ppl and circumstances has been something I've mastered from early age, I think this is why I dont behave as if I care about loss as much as the next person. Loss is something I'm familiar with , attachment is something I can do or not without much effort. The lest amount of friendships I develop with ppl, the more time I have to myself. I know a lot of ppl however choose to only have a few friends. Maintaining a real friendship is work I take it seriously however only with a few. My favorite are ones I can go no contact with for a long time and things remains exactly the same. These friendships are rare though however I seek out this type purposely.
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