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Hi, I am writing because I feel alone. My family is broken, my mind is bracing out the negatives of my world, my life is always on the verge of upheaval, and my support groups make me want to shut out the world. I am an adult recently diagnosed with a severe panic disorder, which my family refuses to accept or support. Throughout my childhood, my parents sought avenues to address my memory problems, speech impediments, difficulties with imagination, etc. which all ultimately led to my severe problems with relationships and difficulty making friends. I hadn't been to the type of doctor that would diagnose someone with autism, honestly I am not sure how common a diagnoses it was through my childhood, but I was definitely constantly being challenged by my family; And I still am. My family is now in therapy to confront years of passive aggression, neglect and dysfunction. I am doing my best to forgive them and myself for all the years of distance we put between us. I am not sure how important a diagnosis is or who to see to be diagnosed with autism, but I am sure I am not able to continue my adult life without support. Does anyone else feel that no matter how hard they try to be normal, your normal will never be accepted?
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