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Originally Posted by chrisinmd View Post
Anyone have any advice on how to deal with intrusive thoughts or constantly thinking about mistakes you have made in the past? I find myself playing over and over in mind situations I wish I had handled differently or negative events from my past. I know the standard advice is live in the moment and not think about the past. Easier said then done. Anyway anyone relate to this and what helps? Thank you

My mother and two older sisters pummeled hatred into my head; thatís how mine began.

So, that chatter could be what someone else fed you about yourself. For example, someone is cruel and verbally abusing you. The chatter in your head is trying to tell you something important about yourself. Someone said something hateful, and it hurt you. When you face and accept them (not approve of, just accept it as part of your reality that you cannot change) the wounds heal.

It was a long time before I understood why I had old negative thoughts rolling round in my head, but I got them to stop.

This is what I did: I got rid of mine by facing each one at my pace; I took my time and accepted what they were. Once validated, they stopped. Another showed up in its place and I did the same and kept going. I have Complex PTSD and have almost constant flashbacks, but the negative and hateful chatter is quiet.

I moved at a pace that worked for me and I encourage you to do the same. Listen to your body, it will guide you through your healing.

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