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Exclamation Re: Managing money

Originally Posted by Rose76 View Post
I don't think getting someone else to manage your money would actually reduce your stress
I completely agree. The best position you can put yourself in, regarding your finances, is to be in full control of them.

Professional financial advice is very often delivered in platitudes, without any context or application to your *real world issues*, and certain (rarely) takes into consideration any complications arising from mental health.

Originally Posted by Rose76 View Post
If you have a credit card, consider cutting it up.
*Strongly disagree here*. Cutting up credit cards is very common advice, as it comes from the point of "you're accruing interest on your purchases, and the bank is...well...laughing all the way to the bank."

That's the perfect world scenario.

In the real world, emergencies happen (eg. unexpected medical bills). A credit card with some balance remaining is the flexibility you need to get out of a dire situation. Of course it will take incredible amounts of discipline over the long haul...

...but when we're talking about making a payment to keep the lights on while working on a longer-term solution...a cut up credit card helps nothing.
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