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Default Re: I Feel Like I Can't Love (Romantically)

I can relate to a lot of this as well, I think itís hard to be volnerable when you come from abuse and neglect. Trust is hard to earn with volberability. And relationships are work... maybe avoidant attachment to a degree. I have characteristics of avoidant and anxious attachment. I have been very controlling in my relationships due to fear... my fears of disappointment. Expectations are also a killer... check your expectations for yourself and another...

I have been a total serial dater- but never able to keep a relationship more than 9-10months. But I also am very unwilling to be transparent with people for fear of rejection. I reject people to maintain control. The trauma of my own life has biologically wired me, and I am just now becoming aware enough to work in the behavior. But it feels impossible to overcome.

Iím not sure anything I said is helpful- but I can relate to your feelings and struggles.
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