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Originally Posted by MoxieDoxie View Post
I have fantasized about having an affair with my T and about how it would end and if I would be devastated. The minute we cross boundaries is the minute I lose therapeutic support that I desperately need. I could not go back to coming into session and discussing my issues and or do EMDR. Where does that leave me? He would turn into just another man I seduced, F^*ked, and any therapy I have had with him would have been in vein. I would be back to the mess I was before I met him. It would also continue to show my me that men can not do anything nice for me with out me having to pay them back with sex. That is been the most difficult thing for me when I started therapy for the first time with a male T. When they were kind and supportive I immediately felt obligated to have sex with them because that is how I grew up. That is how you thanked men.
Well said.

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