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Default Re: I Feel Like I Can't Love (Romantically)

Love is a complicated emotion, and even to this day not fully understood, that's why so many people have written about it, talked about it, sang about it, etc. for so long - some people well and truly feel it in their hearts or minds, and for other's it's different, not bad, just different. When my son was born I felt guilty for so long that when I saw his face for the first time I didn't feel a mote of affection for him. Certainly, I did what was necessary to ensure he was nurtured, fed, bathed, clothed and taken care of, but the affection part didn't happen overnight - it developed, and when it did finally blossom through the small actions, the bond that slowly grew between us, one day it finally dawned on me that I would literally sacrifice myself for him. Don't be too hard on yourself, love doesn't always happen in an instance, it takes patience, communication, effort, and compromise. Sometimes it can take years - and sometimes you'll lose people along the way that aren't willing to meet you half-way, but above all the most important thing you can do before you start seeking it out in others, is to seek it out in yourself.
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