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Default Re: Sexual relationship with T

Originally Posted by DP_2017 View Post
I would never put the full responsibility of this on my T. I absolutely would own my part in it... I've always been like that with any situation involving another person. This is no different to me.

Although in my mind... I'm thinking AFTER therapy ends.... again it would never happen anyway but.... it's much different situation when someone is STILL a client, at least to me.

*I want to be clear, this is how I would personally deal with this situation if it occurred POST therapy, I've no idea how I'd handle it if it happened during but I know it never would. Everyone handles these things different and that's ok. *
I'm with You on this. I think above all, we are not only therapist - patient, but simply a man-woman and we are interacting with each other also on this level, so if something happened between me and my T after finishing my therapy with him, I would take the responsibility for this either.
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