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Default Re: Struggling with thoughts of relapse... not givingin!!!

Originally Posted by cryingontheinside View Post
Think how far you have come and what you have achieved . you are so strong and amazing to do that i wish i could do the same .
Maybe allow your self a treat or two but then do something else so you don't binge. Have a nice hot bath , meditate and watch a movie. Keep strong . you have done so well

Thank you very much for responding. I want to say to you that this kind of change is hard and requires a lot of commitment and disipline. I honestly think the only reason I could finally do it because I literally stared death in the face and it scared the heck out of me. Keep trying and just do the best that you can and remember that even on a bad day, you are still Worth something. you are a worthwhile person and there is a higher power out there somewhere that loves you and wants what's best. Just you'll understand... I still struggle, because binge eating and other bizzare behaviors with foor were my coping mechanism and when you take that away, even though it feels good not to hav to do it... you feel the pain that you were trying to stuff down. my mission now is t try to find a different, more healthy way to deal with that pain. For me, it's therapy and 12-step programs. Try to find what works for you. I can see that you have more courage than you think you do. God bless you and contact me any time... i mean it - Thanks - Mary / PaintedTurtle
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