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Default Valerie

You are so anti- social.
We have just been
Brought up so differently.
And around different people.
I felt like a fish
Out of water.
I felt that your
Friends would look
Down on me.
I was too shy to speak
To guys and men!
And I took the comment
To heart when it
Was just your humour
That I mis-interpreted.
So I left the table.
And enjoyed speaking
To the lecturer.
When I told them
About my school situation
She said I should
Take a stand and
Had every right
To question it. So
I knew leaving after
That year was the
Best thing for me.
And my mum is wrong.
I do not dislike you
With a passion,
Just a clash from
Having had very different
Experiences of life.
And my mum gets
On better with males. Period.
I will admit that
It is a source of pain
That my mum
Admires you and
You seem oblivious
To the way she,
Treated me growing up.
Your mum, sis and dad
Know but I guess
You can't ever know
Because you get along
With my mum.
I hope you can
Find a way to be
Gentler with Troy.
I do not know the
Whole story but
I can identify with
The way they feel
That compared
To you, they feel
Like they have failed.
And that other
People have failed them too.
It is easy to get
Stuck in that mind set.
And you say things like:
Do you know the worst
Thing about earning more money;
I pay for all the drinks today.
And yes I need to
Simmer down over
You calling Paul: The scheme,
From the reality tv programme,
At Grandfathers 80th.
You may as well
Have called us:
The chavvy cousins.
We know we are
From a working class
Background. But
Wind your neck in.
I advised Paul not
To go on holiday
With you and your
Friends because I
Knew that he was
Too young and
Would maybe have
Picked up one of
Your jokes wrong
And the whole
Thing would end
In disaster. Not
A personal vendetta
Against you. I just
Knew how a group
Of lads can get
Carried away and show
Off for each other.
And he did not
Know your friends.
It was a bad idea thats all.

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