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Default Once I wore a snood.

I was fed up of
Having my outfit scrutinised.
So I tore extra holes
In an all ready
Fashionably ripped pair.
My judgement was
Still a little skewed,
But any decent parent
Would have been
Able to tell
I was reasonable now
And my mum could
Have said something
Please change those
We are going up
Town after all.
But she was
More interested in
What the staff thought
Of her and could
Not risk revealing a glimpse of
The reality of home life.
And thank god
Two girls from
My year at school
Laughed openly in
The cafe we went to.
And sniggered where
Did you buy those jeans?
I remember seeing
The girl I got on
With when I was in.
She was with a bad crowd
And dressed in
Party clothes during day.
Neon shoes and bright
Clothes and make up
And I knew in an instant
That they were still
Not well and so
When I seen them
On a night out
I just said hi.
But Fred had warned
Me that the gang
We saw her with
Were big trouble.
So I was not
Embarrassed to talk to her,
I wanted to know
How she was doing.
But I was with Fred.
And I thought what
If she is running
With that bad crowd.
I saw her in a new job
And she blushed
When she saw me.
We both wanted to
Leave hospital behind.
Bye emz.
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