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Default Two dollars

I was a rebound I think.
He was not over his ex.
I was told he still saw
Her the odd time while
Seeing me. And
The girl in my circle
Said he ended it
Because I would
Not "give it up."
And one said he
Did treat you badly.
But he did not
Want to sleep with me.
I slept over and,
He never made a move.
He would have asked
Do I need to wear something?
Or are you on pill.
So I guessed he was
Seeing his ex still.
And I don't think
He wanted to be
The first one I slept with,
At the back of his mind.
He did not want
The responsibility of
Being my first experience.
I would rather it was him.
One night I was round
And we were watching
Million dollar baby
And he said this
Is a quiet and slow film.
And we heard his
Brothers bed tapping
On the wall.
And a little while
After my friend
Bursts in on us.
And we were under
The covers and had
Been kissing but
I was startled.
And sat up.
She saw no zips or
Belts undone and
Just glowered shrugged
Her shoulders and
Then she disappeared
Back to his brother.
She is with your other
Brother now? Don't
Tell me you have too,
I said partly jesting.
And he said:
I only have eyes
For you princess.
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