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Default Re: Sexual relationship with T

I had sex with my t too. Its ended badly like all my relationships. I dont think that it was because he was my t but because he was married. Being lover of married man very often ends badly.
I still cant understand what is transference if you meet someone who helps you when you are desperate. If t has no boundaries you cant feel it like therapy. No he didnt sleep with other clients, only with me and sure his wife who has never been his patient. They say if t sleeps with you, he sleeps with another clients too but no.. Maybe he will but I think two women is enough. Its nothing more then "he had crisis in marriage so he slept with another woman".
I dont know about other Ts but if you work too much and have only wife and job and crisis in marriage, you probably would sleep with your attractive workmate or if you dont have one, maybe your client. Its easiest way.
I dont say its ok, I say my point of view about Ts who sleep with their clients. Every situation is different but I cant call this (sex) transference. People want sex. So simple.

I am sorry for everybody who had this sad experience. Im losing my mind too because of him now
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