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Originally Posted by Creative1onder View Post
Hi. What do you think helped you the most in getting to where you are now compared to last year? Did you have therapy, did that help? Or was it a self liberating self empowering recovery not needing medical help? I guess support from others was important. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Depression is not a fixed lifelong, reoccurent, permenant condition for everyone that can't have control over and overcome. Some people believe that depression will always be there, that its part of them, and they feel that accepting and surrendering to it is best. Depression is for me both physical and mental illness, not to do with type of the person or background, genetics. It differs a lot from person to person. I've been struggling and suffering a lot with it over the years, for good 10 years. I find it difficult to cope with things as they are in my life with illness. I haven't had good experiences of professionals and not keen on taking med or therapy -have tried to have therapy but been disappointed by different approaches/responses of therapists.
YES, certain types of clinical depression need anti depressant meds all the lifetime of the person--i have that.I found out,trauma damaGED my BRAIN. ITS PHYSIOLOGICAL.

--I get doing better?--wham, my brain does an over whelming mood swing!even if i am doing better, the brain does not like ANYTHING.--its forever.My doc has to add or change a med.

I am 71,and most of my friends are dead.Mental health problems kill a lot of people,more than obvious suicide.My ex got a drug dealer to shoot him.--people get homeless whom i knew--or illegal drugs,alcohol,smoking, aggravated diabetes, cancer you name it.My friend in Michigan is dying from "Cushings' Desease"her abusive parents may have caused.--I'm sorry,i won't go on.

You can be a survivor,but the catch is, It can be LONELY being the only survivor.--so prepare.If you are happy,great;I am very tired,worn out by the struggle,I gained a lotta weight,my back is bad,my FEET WENT OUT.--I have to use a power chair for long distances,or when the feet got too bad.

WATCH OUT,some mental illness can get you physically disabled.--cause of the stress,your body freaks out.(yes,VitAMIN B HELPS STRESS.Try foods that have it too.)"Brewers yeast" has good vitamin Bs.--health food stores.

But please don't give up because the Universe is too amazing to quit.our real home is else-where-and we return there after Death.Yes,this is not"forever".

-Even the galaxy and stars eventually change.--So don't give up too soon(I did a whole paper on suicide long ago.)--Give this world a good shot--its worth it.-You will be surprised by people,animals,flora and fauna, temporary, but beautiful.-And people do help each other.--they are truly worth the fight.---I guess I got be to be an expert on"whether or not to stay alive."-

-so I say,"CHOOSE LIFE." Its not perfect,but it can be amazing.You'll be glad you chose it..--you can always "leave the party" much later,if you want.But right now,choose to be here.
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