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Default Espanol.

I had a more varied
And balanced diet
Than my team mate.
There was nothing I
Could eat one night
And It was just luck
That the one night
I had to plump
For fish fingers and chips
That I was seen.
And my team mate
Laughed about the coincidence
Because I was
Always eating like them,
But my diet was healthier.
I was too careful with
My diet and needed a
Touch more good fats.
My yoghurt was my
Source of protein at breakfast
As meat early on
Did not work for me.
I had cereal, toast,
And yoghurt with fruit.
Again I had more
On my tray than my
Team mate but when
I put sugar in the
Greek yoghurt, Espanol
Gave a quizzical look
And I had to explain
That it was tarte/sour,
For Scottish taste.
At a competition
I was so nervous
My stomach churned.
So I grazed,
All day throughout.
I never ate big meals,
Between fights at
Any competition. Fruit,
And snickers for
The peanuts. A cheese
Sandwhich at lunch.
I ate in the canteen.
So he maybe never
Saw me eat much
In the stands.
I used to go away
From the stands
For the fresh air too.
I ate on the go
Instead of lugging
Too much weight.
I like fresh food.
And banana's go brown
In the heat with
No air and banana chips
Are so tasteless.
It was always really hot
In the arena's.
I sat out for an hour
After jerking my knee.
And Espanol said:
You must alway's eat,
Start to do more,
Weights to strengthen leg's.
Thanks for believing
In my potential.
Thank you very much.
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