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Default Re: Any Idea Welcomed

Thank you, LL. I can exercise some, just not as much as I'd like to - for example, running would be too painful, and I just don't feel safe cycling as I used to when younger.

My diet was very important when I lost weight earlier in my life - the problem is, I had less than 10 lbs. to lose, and I was using ephedra.

I asked my pdoc about the availability of prescription weight loss meds yesterday; she was vague and gave me an answer that didn't seem (as usual) to take my desperate need to lose weight seriously.

I dunno. I'm kind of thinking that, along with going off of Seroquel, I should just go ahead and try some kind of athletic enhancer that includes ephedra in it. When I'm this desperate, but not being taken seriously by MD's I feel like I have no choice but to step away from the traditional medical realm.
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