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Default Re: Sexual relationship with T

Originally Posted by lunatic soul View Post
I agree. Responsibility is from both sides.

When Im mad I want to report my t but.. I know its way to do revenge for hurting me and leaving me but honestly if I did it, I would just damage his life and got nothing. I wanted to sleep with him. It wasnt abuse. It was just unhealthy relationship between man and woman.
If I reported him, it wouldnt be honest. I hope I will get over this without hate. Hate and revenge destroy the person who feels hate. I am not God to judge him.
You are hurting and in pain. He was trained to know that a sexual relationship with a client would possibly/likely hurt the client. He knew this. It was his responsibility to say no even if you wanted it. Not yours.

Report vs. donít report. At least understand it was his responsibility to keep your best interest in mind. He didnít, but he should have. And he knows it.

Not your fault. Not even if you begged, cajoled, or undressed in front of him. Not your fault..itís his responsibility.
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