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Default Re: Any Idea Welcomed

Topamax maybe?

This isnít geared towards anyone on PC but sometimes people have no choice when it comes to meds and weight gain. Thereís lamictal and geodon is decent. Thereís Wellbutrin if you donít have anxiety issues. But sometimes thereís just no other option besides meds that cause weight gain. I was there personally when I was a teenager with many meds including Seroquel.

A girl I know was very underweight from an eating disorder. She was going inpatient multiple times, getting kicked out of multiple ED treatment centers and was having health issues. As a last resort her doctors put her on several meds that cause weight gain. Now she is morbidly obese but her mental health is so much better. Sometimes the ones that cause weight gain are the only options.

Again, not directed towards anyone here. Just a personal rant.
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