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Default Re: Questions about learning disabilities

Originally Posted by moon66 View Post
I'm from Pennsylvania. I was wondering if there is any way to get a brain scan for learning disabilities, IQ, or anything related to the brain and learning. I've also been wondering how do they even check the entire brain to find out if it's working properly or right since there are so many different parts to the entire brain.

I have had a Neuropsychological evaluation but it's really old. I also had another evaluation done by a Psychologist who had a Psy.D. Also, what other types of doctors help find out learning disabilities and other issues of the brain?

Is there even brain scanning that can do any of the stuff I would like done? I want something accurate and won't harm me. I know you can't just cut the skull open and look at it unless you'd be dealing with tumors or in need of a Neurosurgeon. I don't have tumors from what I know. I also don't know my true IQ and I'm told that doesn't matter a lot. How do you honestly get your entire brain tested to see if it's working right and everything in it and about it?

Also, as a young kid growing up it's possible that I might have sustained a concussion but never went to the hospital or emergency room. I just know I was hit in the head while playing or wrestling with brothers. Should I be worried now even though that it was so long ago? I did have brain scans as a teenager with dye in them but that was when I was a teenager or adolescent. I am sort of tired of paper/pencil evaluations and want to do something that really sees inside your brain or elsewhere.

I also have never had brain surgery for anything. I do have a mental health diagnosis, take medicine, and see therapists, as well as a Psychiatrist. Not sure in the far future if surgery will be appropriate if it's not harmful and is down to a science in fixing the issues I have. I also was in special education since elementary until the day I graduated from high school.

Other than psychologists what other doctors help with learning disabilities, IQ, or other problems with learning? I'm told I am not intellectually disabled. I look normal and I'd say I act normal. My education wasn't good growing up. I also am not sure if Auditory processing disorder could be an issue.

yes there are brain scans that diagnosing some learning disorders. but they are used with what you call paper and pencil tests.

the psychiatric evaluations and academic/ IQ tests tell the doctors what scans need to be done.

example if your paper and pencil tests and psych eval shows you are having trouble reading and get things out of order an MRI with contrast (dye) will show how your brain is working when reading by while you are in the scanning machine they have you read something, have you look at pictures and blinking lights. this will tell them whether you have mini seizures or if your eyes to brain connections are working right.

if you are having trouble with movement, and all academics an MRI with or without contrast can tell them if your learning problems are because of things like MS,CP, Parkinsons, Alzheimers or other degenerative brain diseases/disorders.

if you feel that your learning problems are because of physical brain problems then ask for the brain scans.

you stated as a teen ager you had an MRI with dye. if you had any problems associated to your learning problems it would have showed up then. my suggestion is ask to see the report or have your treatment providers look in their files they will be able to tell you what you were diagnosed with after the mri
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