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Default Re: Questions about learning disabilities

Originally Posted by moon66 View Post
I had the brain scan with dye when I was in a psychiatric hospital. They didn't do learning or any of that when I was in there.

The problem is my current psychiatrist doesn't seem to want to send me to someone for this and I want it. How can I get this done? I already have a recent evaluation that was done by a psychologist who had a Psy.D. Can you help me locate one near my area? Private message me if so.

Im sorry but you will need to go through your doctors and therapists for this. the cost of what you want in florida is in the $2600- $2700 range. ( your location says florida which is in the USA. )

here all americans must have health insurance. which means to get this test covered by your insurance plan you will need a doctors referral stating there is medical or mental health need for it (example tumors/cancers/ Traumatic Brain injury, Seizures...)

A psychologist does not do this kind of test. brain scans are done by medical doctors,

how to get one your psychologist sends your medical doctor a fax saying there is a mental/ physical health need for this test.

you schedule with your medical doctor an appointment, the medical doctor does a physical to confirm there is a medical/ mental health need for this test.

the medical doctor sends your insurance the information that your insurance needs in order to decide whether to approve or deny paying the cost.

if approved your medical doctor contacts you and tells you which hospital imaging department or other medical imaging department to go to and have the test done.

when the test is done the radiologist / medical technician sends the results back to your medical doctor and your psychologist,

your medical doctor and psychologist contacts you to tell you the results of your MRI and whether you need more tests or treatments.
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