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Default Adderall side effects (adult ADHD)

My pdoc diagnosed me with ADHD over the summer. I'm not really sure if I have it, or if it is just manic behavior since I'm bipolar.

I am on a ton of psych meds for the bipolar and panic disorder/PTSD. I'd like to get down to less, but that's beside the point.

I am wondering if Adderall XR has a side effect of increasing sex drive or if this is just a sign of bipolar mania. Ever since I started Adderall, my sex drive has re-appeared, sometimes to the extent it is lasting hours & hours. It usually happens to me in the daytime when the Adderall dose is still in effect or shortly afterwards.

Not that I'm complaining to have a sex drive back. I'm just wondering if it's linked with the Adderall.
Bipolar 1 mixed features, PTSD, anorexia, panic disorder, ADHD

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