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Default Re: Mild Cognitive Impairments

Originally Posted by Travelinglady View Post
Good for you! I was diagnosed with MCI when I was in my forties. I think it's due to the meds I take for bipolar. But I am now in my sixties, so I guess some impairment is due to age now. We just need to write things down. Sometimes I just tell people off the bat that I have memory problems, so maybe they won't get so aggravated with me.
I take bipolar meds too, so it must be my medication. It was disappointing my neurologist wasn't willing to run his own tests to figure it out. But I also guess he was confident it wasn't my brain itself. I'd love to get off of some of these medications but I'm not sure it's possible. My psychiatrist is reluctant to take me off them. But at the same time my memory sucks....

But I do tell people. They are patient to an extent. For instance I live with my mother and she will leave notes telling me to do things that bother her if I don't. I get mad. But at the same time, I do forget without a reminder or being told. Sometimes my mother thinks I should just do everything but doesn't realize it's a challenge for me to remember to do everything. Then she gets mad at me. And she knows about my memory issues but complains that I don't try hard enough. And what I do/don't do inconveniences her. Which I'm at the point of not really caring because life is full of inconveniences and you have to get over it. My memory is a massive inconvenience. She doesn't know how easy she has it.
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