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Default When Do You End A Friendship?

In college I was taken in by a group of people. Being 32 and everyone else being under 25 had its complications, especially with maturity. I went out of my way for these kids. One time during one of my sicknesses, a friend sent me a text asking me to come over. I thought it was something to do with her dad again. Although I was supposed to stay in bed to recover, I decided to go over and find out what was going on and listen. She proceeded to tell me she wanted to take on the dark entity in one of the residence halls and if I wanted to go with her. Even though she knew I had health problems.

There is a general belief on campus that this building is haunted. We did an EVP session there before and I got a really amazing recording. However, she thought the dark entity was going to hurt people and wanted to prevent this from happening. I just sat there inwardly groaning because 1. I was sick and 2. We were doing this...again. She dragged me through similar drama for a month.

All those friends are extremely self absorbed. Maybe it's their age. I was there for them, all of them, at one point or several times. But one day mentioned in the group chat I wasn't okay and no one cared or commented. I really could have benefited from some emotional support that day. I've given them things, bought them things, provided emotional support. Going out of my way and risking my health. But when I needed them emotionally no one was around or interested. I've been back from college since Saturday and only one of them bothered to check on me when I withdrew. Or noticed I wasn't really okay.

Is it time for me to remove these people from my life? It's not that I hate them, but I feel like a lot of my time was used and wasted.

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