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Default Re: Therapist - St. Paul/Minneapolis

Have you tried the Psychology Today website Find a Therapist search? I'm currently looking in the same area (and with those same diagnoses!) and have a call in to several. I intend to do a very careful selection this time because I've had a couple of bad therapy experiences and need to find a better connection this time.

Someone who specializes specifically in C-PTSD or DID may be difficult to find, but I look for anyone who works with trauma (PTSD) and dissociative disorders. Trauma and dissociation are common symptoms, I would think along the same lines as addiction, depression, anxiety, etc…

I don't intend to seem like I'm doubting your experience, but that you are getting rejected like this seems very wrong. How could there be so many incompetent therapists in these places!? It is THEIR incompetence, and none of us with these diagnostic labels deserve to have anyone imply that we are especially "too much for them to deal with." I'm so sorry you have experienced this.

This seems very unprofessional, too, as if they want to cherry-pick who they see? Or even if you mean you find them incompetent (which has been my problem). That's not OK. Again, it is their incompetence.

I can let you know how it goes for me. Like I said, I'm engaged in my own search right now. I go on Medicare next month (I'm now on disability due to mental health), so my insurance may limit my selection, but I haven't encountered rejection for my previous diagnoses (yet!)
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