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Default Re: When Do You End A Friendship?

Originally Posted by Deborah35 View Post
I had one friend where when we did finally get together, she was constantly on her phone, not "present" while she was out with me. She knew it annoyed me and yet didn't try to do anything about it. I just finally said that I couldn't deal with that type of person and said we just had two different lifestyles and it's not going to work on my end. I don't feel bad, sometimes it's what you have to do, stand up to people.

I don't think it's asking too much for your friends to be "present" while you're out with them. If she was really a true friend, she would've compromised. I put up with it time and time again so I tried, but after awhile, no more.

It's important to recognize and accept when your friends aren't compatible. Definitely believe it's okay and permissible to let people like this go. Why would you spend time with someone if you were just going to ignore them? It...doesn't make sense. But hey! You got out of it. Now you know this isn't the type of friend you want.
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