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Default My friend needs help.

Let me first say that Iím not sure my friend has this condition but I will tell you the evidence and maybe you can decide and help me. First of all here is a back story. I met my friend in nightschool and he was kind of a awkward guy who tried way too hard to fit in by lying and stuff fit in but I always felt sorry for him.
After awile he got kicked from his house and my mom felt sorry for
Him so she let him live with us for a few months. He drove me nuts living with me but he was one of those guys who would literally kill someone if I asked him to . He wasnít too bright but he was very loyal. We quit hanging out for awile and he got into trouble with the police. I saw him on the news once for having robbed a taxi driver and having a stand off with swat. Another time he came
Back after living in Florida after he said he stabbed a guy and woman and he was on the run. He was always kind of ďcrazy and wild but when he lived wiTh ya we kind of kept him in check.
The other day he came over after me not seeing him for a fee years and not really talked to him either. Of course my mom lets him in because she kind of was a mother figure to him. Anyways he comes in and I hadnít seen him in years and he was totally in another dimension. I ask him how heís doing and he starts talking about how the govt had kidnApped him and they were doing MK ultra testing on him which was where the cia experimented on lsd back in the 60s and how they were sending him messages psychically and ruining his life. He said he had no friends because they were sending rumors out to everyone and lying about him. He said his mom was out to get him and kept
Trying to have him locked up and tortured. He said he kept me secret from everyone because he didnít want them messing with me. The thing they had me worried was how he was looking at my new step dad. His eyes kept farting around the room and he would kinda of look at my step dad like he was going to kill him. My mom even asked why he kept staring at her and he said he just wanted to see if she was ok. I know he loved my mom because sheís been one of the only people
There for him but he still creeped me out the way he was looking around at everyone. Iím not someone to judge mentally ill people but he had a violent history before he started talking like this. It makes me worry what he might do. What was weird is he would sort of snap out of it and be his old self and then all of a sudden he would start going on about something bizarre. Even back in the day he was a compulsive liar but he wouldnít lie to my mom and he knew if something sounded bizarre or crazy. He would never tell my mom that the cia was doing experiments to him and following him. Oh also a few years do he put some really really bad picture of himself on Facebook. My mom told him that he needs to knock that crap off. He told her that it was because people threatened to kill him and his family unless he did it so he posted it so that they wouldnít be able to threaten him anymore. This is the stuff coming from him. Iím not sure what to do. I mean we arenít close friends. This is the first time Iíve seen him in years but I do feel sorry for him because he has no one and if I had a breakdown I wouldnít want everyone to just run away from me but I fear He May be dangerous, and if I told him what he was saying didnít make sense he might try and hurt someone or feel abandoned by his only friend. I just donít know what to do but he really worried me. The way he was looking at my family I didnít like one bit. Please help me and sorry this is so long.
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