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Default Going to Sleep

Going to sleep is a huge issue for me every night. It's not that I have trouble sleeping, I don't have any trouble, it's just that the idea of going to sleep gives me anxiety. I also decide to pull all nighters every couple days because I decide that I'm going to be super productive and spend all night doing stuff. Another problem is I don't want the day to end, I really enjoy life and my hobbies. My meds make me tired so I try to fight it and stay up but it usually ends up with me falling asleep at 3 in the morning then having to get up a couple hours later and being miserable. Sometimes I make it a full 24 hours but it's not common anymore with the mood stabilizer I'm taking now. When I stay up that long, I start out with tons of energy then eventually end up just being up exhausted and getting none of the stuff I planned on doing done.

So my goal is to go to sleep every night, at a reasonable time and get good rest, not fight it.

Last night I only got 3 hours because I slept late yesterday.

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