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Originally Posted by -jimi- View Post
I'm not so disturbed by movies where auties have special skills. Even if it is not realistic we often do special skills JUST NOT TO THAT EXTENT. If an autie child in a movie can be a hacker or a wiz at math it doesn't bug me so much. I don't think people expect that from me. Just once I have been asked what my super skill is, LOL.

As for the other types where the negative dominates, I hate it. Especially if they are murderers. Like they kill people because they were turned down or something silly.

For some reason I feel it is easier to portrait auties than aspies. I quite liked Snow Cake. I think it was because it didn't sensationalize the autie, but also let the NT man get a big part in the story. Like they were of equal worth.

The best asperger movies is where there is a group of friends and one has aspergers but it isn't ever expressed and he/she is a friend just like the others are friends just that us with aspergers can understand what he has.

I like Wire In the Blood even if it is a crim show and not realistic. The UK version. The main character is an expert on people, but he has aspergers. He isn't anywhere near a typical aspie, but maybe that is why I like the show. I like the storylines as well. I think the consolation I get from it is that even if he is a bit quirky, they cannot do without him.

Reminds me of my own life. Even if I am different, I am the hub among my friends. I am needed. Sometimes stressful, sometimes a good feeling.
Eh well you're allowed to like what you like. These are really just my silly thoughts.
I just have it in my that either people are going to invalidate me because I don't fit into the stereotypes they've seen in movies.
OK one time my friend told me I wasn't smart enough to be autistic. Honestly it baffles me as much as it offends because that is some really bizarre logic there. But hey the thing I worried about actually happened.
Because in truth, I am that monster.
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