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Default Constant Need To Stim

When I'm in my house I stim 24/7. I flap my hands, twiddle pencils, spin violently in my desk chair, quickly pace around my small bedroom, and even sometimes start spinning. One time years ago when I was 12 I even busted out a lightbulb when I swung my arm backward. Even with all that stimming I still feel overwhelmed and I don't know why. It's like I have to always stim but at the same time can never seem to stim enough.

I feel the need to stim in public too but not nearly as bad. I think it's because the bright sun and the car ride provide stimulation on their own. I love car rides but places like grocery stores overwhelm me. The crowdedness, bright lights, noises, drive me nuts.

I just feel so overwhelmed constantly needing to stim just to not be soothed by it. I don't know what to do about it. I'm not actually diagnosed with autism but I'm pretty much 100% sure I have it for obvious reasons. My parents don't know I suspect I have autism or that my neurodivergent issues are this bad. We're fighting for a high school IEP right now but that's pretty much all they know about my issues. Anyone got any ideas on what to do about this? I would greatly appricate some input.
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