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Default Re: I need a Life coach

Originally Posted by AlwaysChanging2 View Post
Any ideas how, who or yes?

Does or will it work (knowing about the DID)?

We thrive in controlled environments like institutions.

Or at like a job almost.

When I graduated from the University of Central Florida, I truly needed a mentor to manage my career. I know that the University had mentors for their scholarship students. But for most of us we had no one. I needed someone to help me plan and manage my career!!!! If I had that type of support, even with the dissociative disorder I would have been successful.

I also would have been okay if I had had someone, like you say, to help me manage my life. My parents never talked to me about anything important. I did not know how to pick a spouse. I did not know how to manage my friendships. I did not know how to pick a career. I chose engineering and it was a mistake.

In an ideal world, your parents are your mentors, life coaches, confidants, etc. etc.
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