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Cool Re: Petals

I was so close to my test.
All we did was drive
Around and around and around.
All he had to say was:
It is a long straight road
Be careful to stay under 30.
I went over the 30
By a couple of miles
Because we were doing
The same thing over
And over. There was
No need to come
Up with some master plan.
I knew he was stalling.
I should have just
Changed to someone else.
I did two lessons a week
For a month and he
Sat for one and spoke
About all the plants
Growing in a persons
Garden. Do you know
That is sweet peas.
So I put on the hand break
At a junction and said:
I am here to drive
And not look in
Peoples gardens. And
I went back to one.
Then every second week.
And then I took
A break and had some
Lessons and they
Persisted with his silly
Idea of imagining
While I am driving
Out of town that
That a deer may
Jump on the road.
And in town that
A kid may run from
A garden gate and
To move my eyes
Over each and every
Opening. Then he would
Contradict himself and
Say that as long
As your eyes stay
On the horizon they
Will pick up all
Movement and changes
Including when you
Get close to the car
Infront. So I was hyper
Vigilant and tense all the time.
When I got a different
Person years later.
They told me to relax slightly
In one lesson.
I was over thinking.
And just drive. Just drive.
I remember having
My own car and
I was working so
I was being cautious.
And I saw in
My wing mirror
Who was on my tail
And I watched the needle
Creep over 60.
When I was passenger
Going to Inverness
With Fred, he over took
And a car coming
The other direction
Was also overtaking
And we were a whisker
Away from a head
On collision as Fred pulled
Between two cars.
Fred was doing in
Excess of 100mph
With the cruise control on.
We would have
Been toast and he
Was compeletely unfettered
By it, saying it did
Not happen why
Get "worked up" over it.
When the pipe burst
In our house
The colour drained
From his face.
He looked like
He had witnessed
The coming of the
Anti-christ. Yet when
Driving he was
So arrogant and gungho.
I did not feel safe.
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