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Default Re: What Would You Do?

That article did blow my mind because it talked about the ties between my mother and myself; how sheís been on a rant about her past misfortunes and how much it caught me up in it. Maybe my emotional problems are very tied to my mother.

I can see how you are also relating this to you and your son. Maybe there is truth to it.

My kids witnessed a crying, hysterical, angry mother for sadly their whole lives. In recent years when the truth was being discussed, they said they hadnít even noticed me. They were caught up in their kid world mostly. It was certainly my youngest one that saw it the most and was the most affected.

All three (knock wood) are doing well, had good grades in school, good friends, girlfriends, not drugs. So, thankfully, what they witnessed between me and their dad, hasnít affected them in too much a negative way at this point in their lives.

Maybe your kids were adversely influenced by it, maybe only partly. Donít blame yourself too much. You donít know for sure if your relationship caused your sonís problems right now.

Control is a biggie behind every dysfunction. I hear what you are saying about the control your son is trying to assert.

I hope you can get him professional help. Iím not sure what else to suggest. Iím sure Iíd keep trying to keep my kid safe as long as I could, too.

Maybe you can grab him off the street and put him into a program? Iím not sure about how any of that works.

Hugs and prayers for you!
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