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Originally Posted by Michael W. Harris View Post
When I graduated from the University of Central Florida, I truly needed a mentor to manage my career. I know that the University had mentors for their scholarship students. But for most of us we had no one. I needed someone to help me plan and manage my career!!!! If I had that type of support, even with the dissociative disorder I would have been successful.

I also would have been okay if I had had someone, like you say, to help me manage my life. My parents never talked to me about anything important. I did not know how to pick a spouse. I did not know how to manage my friendships. I did not know how to pick a career. I chose engineering and it was a mistake.

In an ideal world, your parents are your mentors, life coaches, confidants, etc. etc.
Right. I grew up hearing ‘figure it out for yourself’.
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