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Default AvPD and Youtube.

I'm venting as im annoyed with a guy who has just posted on YouTube saying he cured his AvPD.
That clown has confused social anxiety or depression as AvPD!
He has no clue that we're talking about a Personality disorder.
Personality is something that has been formed since early childhood to shape a persons belief system. He thinks you just got to do this and do that and your cured!. **** me, if it was that simple then we're not certainly not talking Avoidant Personality disorder- which puts a cross through his whole argument...
Imagine a person without AvPD if it was that simple to cure. The person would be completely lost to who they are. I'm an Avie bc that's who I am.

This Self Diagnosed idiot has simply taken the seriousness and the severity out of the disorder, watered it down, blurring what AvPD is into something those without the disorder can also identify with... then these people get on you tube and talk about "their" AvPD and how it effects them, how they cured it, what it is etc.

Even hearing someone say that have AvPD traits.... isn't the same as AvPD.

If AvPD is your core diagnoses all your responses and reactions can be drawn back to this primary personality .
If you don't have AvPD then your actions and responses aren't that of AvPD but a reaction/response, a symptom from your Primary/core diagnoses.
My diagnoses is AvPD, my actions and reactions are a direct response from AvPD. You can't have example: Bipolar and say you have AvPD bc what your calling the AvPD isn't going to be the same as someone with AvPD.

Sorry about my ranting and raving, I'm just annoyed they we always get thrown under the bus of other peoples issues and "expert" advice.
Diagnosed: AvPD.

Itís never alright. It comes and it goes.
Itís always around, even when it donít show.
They say it gets better. well I guess that it might.
But even when itís better, itís never alright.

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